Services Offered

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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Primary, client-focused care dedicated to improving the quality of life. Our physiotherapists are manual-based therapists. They work with you to promote optimal mobility, physical activity and overall health and wellness. Physiotherapists help to improve and maintain optimal functional independence and physical performance. Our therapists actively work with you to prevent recurrence, re-injury and functional decline.


  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Muscle Stim
  • Athletic/Sport Taping
  • Therapeutic Exercise


  • Private Insurance (Direct billing to Sunlife, Johnson and Great West Life)
  • Motor vehicle Accidents (MVA) with current claim entitlement. Direct billing to MVA Insurers
  • Private Insurance (Direct Billing to Canada Life, Empire Life, Greenshield, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Manulife, Sunlife and SSQ)
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) with current claim entitlement. Direct billing to MVA Insurer’s
Concussion, HEadaches


Our clinic owner John Staresinic, PT has a special interest in concussion recovery and has been treating them for over 10 years. Concussions can occur from different mechanisms of injury (sports, motor vehicle accidents or day-to-day life events and can happen at all ages. Education, awareness and individual assessment and treatment prescription are most important for a successful recovery.

Pelvic Health


Pelvic health therapy can provide effective evidence-based treatment for individuals with current pelvic health needs such as pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and painful intercourse. Pelvic health physiotherapy can be instrumental in the end stages pregnancy to prepare for labour and delivery to minimize trauma to pelvic floor and in early stages post-partum to ensure successful return to daily life and exercise.  It can also be helpful during peri- and post-menopausal changes as well as for people with lumbo-sacral and pelvic pain who haven’t found relief with traditional orthopedic physiotherapy.  Treatment may consist of education, internal relaxation and retraining, biofeedback and bladder retraining.  Stacey has completed extensive continuing education courses in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.
Sports Injuries


Sporting injuries are common and often inevitable consequences of being active.  Our Physiotherapists will help you through your injury rehabilitation process. Our entire team will work with you to get you back to your sport and back to your active daily living routine. We treat athletes from all levels of ability, all sporting backgrounds and all ages. Regardless of what sport you play, how intense you play or even how much you play, our goal is always getting you off the sideline and back at your sport in a safe and progressive manner. 

Post Surgery Care


Our therapists are very familiar with treating patients after total or partial knee, shoulder or hip replacements, as well as all other orthopaedic surgeries.  We actively work to restore your independence and return you to your activities of daily living.  With over 60 years of combined orthopaedic experience, our Physiotherapists have pretty much provided care for all types of post-operative orthopaedic surgeries.