Services Offered

The Physiotherapy Edge, Grimsby, Ontario


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Primary, client-focused care dedicated to improving the quality of life. Our physiotherapists are manual-based therapists. They work with you to promote optimal mobility, physical activity and overall health and wellness. Physiotherapists help to improve and maintain optimal functional independence and physical performance. Our therapists actively work with you to prevent recurrence, re-injury and functional decline.


  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Interferential current machine


  • Motor vehicle accidents with an approved claim
  • Workplace injuries with an approved WSIB claim
The Physiotherapy Edge, Grimsby, Ontario


Post-concussion rehabilitation is very important. John is a concussion specialist and deals with patients who have sustained a concussion from a motor vehicle accident or sports injury or from day-to-day life events. Education and awareness are huge parts of the rehabilitation process for concussions.
The Physiotherapy Edge, Grimsby, Ontario


Pelvic health therapy can provide non-surgical options, which can include biofeedback, muscle stimulation, bladder training or relaxation techniques to help with current pelvic health needs.
The Physiotherapy Edge, Grimsby, Ontario


Injuries are common in sports, and our therapist can help you through injury rehabilitation. Our therapists will work with you to get you back to your sport and active daily living.
The Physiotherapy Edge, Grimsby, Ontario


Our therapists are very familiar with treating patients after total or partial knee or hip replacements, as well as after shoulder surgery. Our therapists are trained to get you moving again post-surgery, making sure your range meets the surgeon’s request. We actively work with you to get you back on track with your goals. Our therapists are also very familiar with ACL reconstruction, meniscus and other surgeries.